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The Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown 
 3 stars

Not really a very good book, and certainly not very well written. On the other hand there's no denying that it captured the zeitgeist of the early twenty first century.

The ideas are not original. They startied off as a French novel, then as the "non-fiction" Holy Blood and the Holy Grail (see books on the Holy Grail). In fact the most interesting material - for example about early Christianity, Gnosticism, schisms, the attempted suppression of inconvenient text, and the questions around Mary Magdelene are all well known to Church historians.

Books like this seem to have become the prefered vehicle by which recent Church scholarship is eventually leaked to the public - mixed up with interesting if improbable conspiracy theories.

Of course theologians could have made the underlying factual material public themselves but for various reasons they prefered not to. The run-away success of the Da Vinci Code could be regarded as proof of the adage that there is no force as strong as an idea whose time has come.



Breaking the Da Vinci Code: Answers to the Questions Everyone's Asking

Darrell L. Bock
 4 stars
The author concentrates on the 325 years or so after the birth of Christ distinguishing the good fun from genuine interesting historical elements of Church history.




Truth and Fiction in The Da Vinci Code: A Historian Reveals What We Really Know about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and Constantine

Bart D. Ehrman 
 4 stars

Good stuff.




The Truth Behind the Da Vinci Code

Richard Abanes 
 3 stars




De-Coding Da Vinci

Amy Welborn 
 3 stars




The Da Vinci Hoax

Carl E. Olson 
 3 stars




The Rough Guide to the Da Vinci Code

Michael Haag 
 3 stars




Da Vinci Code Decoded

Martin Lunn 
 3 stars




Solving the Da Vinci Code Mystery ;

Brandon Gilvin 
 3 stars




Secrets of the Widow's Son

Dan Burstein 
 3 stars




The Key to the Da Vinci Code

Stewart Ferris 
 3 stars




The Da Vinci Code and the Secrets of the Temple

Robin Griffith-Jones 
 3 stars




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