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Cathar Castles, Fortresses of the albigensian Crusade 1209-1300

Marcus Cowper, illustrated by Peter Dennis
Published by Osprey Publishing Limited, ISBN 978 1 84603 066 6
 5 stars  

An invaluable little guide to the Cathar Castles of the Languedoc. Recommended for anyone planning a visit to one or more of these fortifications.

The book steers clear of the usual inaccurate tourist guff. Cowper is a medieval historian with a good grip on the intricacies of medieval warfare and of events during the Wars against the Cathars.

Illustrations by Peter Dennis are also excellent.

The book is historically accurate and as a field guide it is the best currently available.


Castles in Medieval Society

Charles L.H. Coulson
 5 stars  



A Traveller's History of the Hundred Years War in Peace: Battlefields, Castles and Towns

Michael Starks



Churches and Castles of Mediaeval France

Walter Cranston Larned




Medieval Castles

Marilyn Stokstad 



David Macaulay 


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