Books on the Counts of Toulouse and Tripoli

The following are books dealing with the House of Toulouse, its relations with other sovereign houses of Europe, and its role in European history.

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Raymond IV Count of Toulouse

John Hugh Hill
 5 stars




Les comtes de Toulouse et leur entourage: XIIe-XIIIe siècles : rivalités, alliances et jeux de pouvoir (Bibliothèque historique Privat) (Unknown Binding)

Laurent Macé
 5 stars

Only available in French. An excellent book, but very detailed and probably of interest only to historians and medieval enthusiasts..


Ermengard of Narbonne and the World of the Troubadours

Frederic L Cheyette
 5 stars

Despite its academic genesis, this is a wonderful book dealing with the world of Occitania - Occitan culture, the Counts of Toulouse and other local rulers, the troubadours and even the Cathars. The author manages to combine the highest standards of scholarship with a sense of wonder and deep affection for his subject. Highly recommended.



Kill Them All!

Lènor Tancred
 5 stars

A novel set in the years before and during the Cathar Wars. A good introduction to the world of the Counts of Toulouse in the Thirteenth Century. The book ranges widely and is well researched, though almost all of the 236 footnotes are more distracting than helpful. The text is relable on most of the historical events covered, although as a novel it does not purport to be factually accurate, concentrating instead on exploring themes of leadership and manipulation.


War with the Saints: Count Raymond of Toulouse, and the crusade against the Albigenses under Pope Innocent III

Charlotte Elizabeth



La capitulation de Raymond VII et la fondation de l'Université de Toulouse, 1229-1979: Un anniversaire en question

Pierre Bonnassie



Les comtes de Toulouse, 1050-1250

Jean-Luc Déjean 



Les comtes de Toulouse et leurs descendants les Toulouse-Lautrec: étude historique et généalogique IXe-XXe siècles (Unknown Binding)

Jacques-René Magné 

Available only in French


Le comte de toulouse

Renaitour Jean-Michel 


The Southern French Nobility and the Albigensian Crusade

Elaine Graham-Leigh 


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