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The following are books dealing with life in the Languedoc

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Notes from the Languedoc

Rupert Wright
 5 stars

The Daily Mail says "all you ever wanted to know about the Languedoc; this book is a cultural, historical and contemporary tour de force".

So if you value the opinion of the Daily Mail, this is the book for you!



Signs of the Heart: Love and Death in Languedoc

Christopher Hope
 5 stars

Dispatches from French villages, cafes, bars and junk shops of Languedoc which do not describe a rural idyll but a world of rogues and raconteurs, lovers and losers.



Kate Mosse
 2 stars

A novel, built around the Cathar idea of reincarnation.

Not very good.

Kate Mosse has a maison secondaire near Carcassonne and seems to have picked up a basic understanding of Languedoc history and Cathar theology.

The idea probably comes from Athur Guidham - see below.


We Are One Another: Record of Group Reincarnation

Arthur Guirdham
 5 stars

Guirdham wrote a series of books based on the idea that a number of people then alive (this was in the mid twentieth century) were reincarnated Cathars from the Languedoc, and that some of them could remember their earlier lives.

He did quite a bit of research on the subject and interviewed a number of claimants.

Many people found his theories compelling, but conclusive evidence was never forthcoming. Still this is an interesting read.


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